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I underwent both knee surgeries 1 year ago. My experience is that these knees that my doctor has given me feel like normal. I have actually forgotten that I ever underwent any operation. I have travelled to Ahmedabad, where my younger son lives. I have no problems now, in doing all activities of daily living. Cooking, cleaning, walking, shopping, going to temples etc all feels like normal. I am able to do everything.

But before surgery, I was restricted by pain. I could not step out of my house. Even buying milk from a shop next door was a painful activity.

I thank God, that I received his blessings in the form of Dr. Ramteke. I am travelling from Nagpur now to Kashmir & Vaishno Devi. 

- Mrs. Sushila Gaidhani, Retired school teacher, Nagpur

I went to Kashmir a month ago. I was so excited to be able to ride a horse, enjoy the snow and the scenery with all tourists unlike some of my friends, who were limited by their knee pains. My knee feels so normal that I actually forget that I have had a knee replacement. 

I often stay at Pune with my daughter. When we go for morning walks my daughter often finds it difficult to catch up with me while climbing the hills.

- Mrs. Premlata Sakhare, WCL, Nagpur

I was the primary care-taker of my wife for last 8-9 years. Before surgery, life was very tough for us. It took her 30 min to get up from bed and another 30 minutes to walk to the wash-room. She literally cried every morning getting up from bed, daily for last so many years. My work was affected, but looking at my wife's misery, i did not complain. God knows what me & my wife have gone through. 6 months after both knee replacements, life has changed completely. I feel that she is born again - she's got a new life!

Tomorrow, me and my wife,along with my daughters, sons-in law and grand-kids.. we all are going to Mount Abu for a vacation. I never imagined, we will be able to enjoy a normal life again.  

- Mr. Talwekar, Nagpur, husband of Mrs. Talwekar

"I was unable to get out of bed easily. I was unable to walk due to excruciating pain in my knees. I had pain in all joints. I was always unhappy and crying in pain.

I underwent both knee joint replacement surgery. Within 6 months of bilateral total knee replacement I have benefitted immensely.

I am able to do everything now!! My house-help of last 10 years has taken a vacation for 1 month, and I am running my house-hold comfortably. I cook, do all chores, washing, cleaning..everything with least discomfort."

- Mrs. S.Talwekar, Nagpur

Before surgery, I had very bad pain on walking. There was a time when I felt, that life is difficult. Now I am happy. Now I can do everything I want. I walk 2-3 km daily, ride my scooter, go to market, buy vegetables, travel to Nagpur all alone. I even went to all India tour by train with my wife, daughter & son-in-law.

- Mr. V. Gole, Warud, Amravati