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Knees and Heart- Best Friends forever

Posted on 01 June 2015



Dr.Devayani Thakre (PT),M.P.Th (cardio),Physiotherapist,Platina Heart Hospital 

Cardiac and Musculoskeletal rehab



 Knees and Heart -Best Friends Forever



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Daily Physical Activity Prevents Orthopaedic Ailments

Posted on 14 January 2015



Dr Sangeeta Sharma, Physiotherapist, Platina Hospital 



Medical research has proven that people can substantially improve their health and quality of life with moderate physical activity. However

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High Heels can lead to Knee Osteoarthritis

Posted on 01 June 2015



Dr Devayani Thakre, MPTh, Physiotherapist, Platina Hospital, 

Cardiac & Musculoskeletal Rehab


Surely we love our  4 inch stilettos,kiiten heels and wedges but can those leg-fattering heels predispose us to osteoarthritis of

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