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Knees and Heart- Best Friends forever

Posted by Dr.Devayani Thakre (PT),M.P.Th (cardio),Physiotherapist,Platina Heart Hospital on 01 June 2015


 Knees and Heart -Best Friends Forever


Over the last few decades many research studies have been conducted on Osteoarthritis (OA) and we are now very well aware of this painful and debilitating structural impairment that affects bones, capsule, cartilage and ligaments.

Osteoarthritis is definitely a huge problem and OA knees are the commonest. But we often view Osteoarthritis as minor aches and pains that are just an inevitable part of ageing. But frankly osteoarthritis is a forgotten friend of cardiovascular diseases.

Coming to cardiovascular disease for a moment. To be specific Cardiovascular diseases here refers to heart diseases that are a result of increased cholesterol levels that eventually lead to heart attacks.  It is a leading cause of death today. For every 35 seconds 1 death.


Let’s take a look …Some points both OA knees and heart diseases have in common are

  • Both are highly prevalent
  • Ageing is a fuel to both OA and vascular problems (artery stiffness).
  • Obesity common risk factor
  • Unhealthy heart and sever cardiovascular problems lead to restricted activity and mobility

Similarly, sever OA knees also lead to restricted activity and mobility.

Somehow the qualities that these best friends have in common.  Both OA knees and Heart problems are part of the same vicious cycle ….




 Studies have shown that patients with osteoarthritis are more prone to cardiovascular risk



Moreover, this is actually something very important," cardiovascular diseases have been found directly proportional to the radiographic evidences of OA.




So obviously it can be undoubtedly concluded that  OA AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES ARE LINKED..


The American Heart Association and American College of Sports medicine recommended minimum 30 mins of aerobic exercise walking swimming etc, 5 times a week for a healthy heart and similar dose of walking is also recommended by American Academy of Orthopaedic surgaeons aswell for healthy knees.

FORTUNATELY, Healthy Knees can give you a Healthy Heart. For best friends always help each other.!


Working with cardiac rehabilitation team I am always asked about one common problem when I prescribe walking regime to my patients and the problem is

“OA knees hamper our walking capacity. ’’

Now isn't this a major hurdle for your healthy heart?

For this there is one remedy... Prevent OA  KNEES----- Prevent HEART ATTACKS

To prevent osteoarthritis of knees walking is the best exercise and also to cure the initial stages of OA, consult your orthopeadician and physical therapist or exercise specialist for proper treatment and exercise program and channelize yourself into a regular walking schedule.

The American council of exercise has rewarded walking as the easiest, most beneficial and most economical form of exercise for all age groups.


So WALK....WALK… and… WALK….!.



For those suffering from severe pain in knees where even minimal walking is very very painful and radiological evidences show sever OA need not get disheartened...

You can still have healthy heart and a proper walking regime.


Remember the vicious cycle I mentioned earlier?

Just Break the Cycle…!




This joint replacement is a way towards your freedom form pain and restriction.

A joint replacement surgery gives you a normal walking capacity in less than 4 months

and ultimately gifting you a healthy tomorrow.







 Happy Walking!!



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